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Chicago Women's Rugby Team Photo 2012 Nationals

How CWRFC Started

Chicago Women's Rugby Football Club (CWRFC) was founded in 1976. Legend has it that the Chicago Women's Rugby Team was founded by a bunch of women who thought they would show their husbands and boyfriends just how rugby was REALLY played!

CWRFC hosted the first Women's National "Rugby Classic" in September 1978 and the 2nd in September of 1979. The start of Nationals as we know it.. Chicago Women's RFC has made appearances at the National tournament since 1978 with a break from1998 - 2001. We proudly returned to qualify for Nationals in 2002-2004, 2010, and 2012.

Our club partners with philanthropic causes including Girls in the Game and Misericordia Home. CWRFC also facilitates and encourages players to continue on to become coaches, referees, and to get involved in our Local Area Union (CARFU) after their playing days are over.

We have played Division I rugby since the divisions were created. We've had good years, bad years, fun years and sad years - best of all has been the 40-year rugby journey.

We welcome all who are interested in the sport with open arms - you don't need to be a player to be part of CWRFC! If you do happen to be looking for a team to play for in Chicago - look us up!

Our Coaches

Chicago Women's Rugby has an illustrious list of former coaches, including the author of the widely dispersed Rookie Primer, an illustrated guide to rugby. Our current coaches also have illustrious backgrounds.

Leanne Baker - Former player for Chicago Women's Rugby, 9 years playing as a professional tennis player, currently a tennis coach by day. She hails from Te Awamatu, New Zealand.

Betsy Ferrell

Spectator or Player?